Having completed the two custom FJ40 Land Cruiser frame rails it was time for the cross members, body mounts and other miscellaneous brackets.  A large metal table is very convenient for making sure the rails are aligned properly.


Once each rail was welded I added one long piece of .25 X 2 Strap along the bottom.  Each bend was heated with the torch to match the contour of the frame.

With the continuous strap along the bottom of each frame rail, the rails were placed on the table.  To maintain the proper width, angle iron scraps were tacked to the table.

The front cross member is made of 4" square tube.  The hole on the right is for the steering gearbox.  This FJ40 will be receiving Saginaw power steering.

 Here is a close up from the engine bay.


The rear cross member is 2"X4" tube.  The strap was bent upward to tie the cross member into the frame.

To finish the rear off, the extra strap was cut to length and wrapped around the top of the frame rail.

This tube was added where the original shock mount tube would have been.  The tube was actually part of the factory frame, just behind the transfercase.  Aside from the body mounts, this is the only piece of the old frame that was reused.

 I added the original front body mounts and some mid body mounts to match.

Since the new frame is narrower towards the rear than the original, the brackets were extended to fit the factory locations on the body.

 Here is one attached to the frame.

And the finally the rear body mounts.  These will double as roll cage tie ins to the frame.