Dana 60 Front 3-Link

Front Three link w/ Panhard... It's about time

Front Dana 60 Hub

Originally this Dana 60 came out of a Dodge with DRW.  I was able to find SRW hubs from GM Parts Direct for $230 a pair shipped.  Since my rear axle (early Ford Dana 60) is 64.5" from wheel mount to wheel mount, I had the front narrowed 3" to match.

Here is a shot of the front Dana 60 axle mocked up in place.
  After saving up for several years (thanks bad economy) I was finally able to have the machine work done and get an Eaton E-Locker installed with new 4.56 gears. 
Front Dana 60 FJ40 Mock Up
Front Dana 60 Kinpin and Lower Link Mount 

 The lower 3-link brackets were welded on as wide as possible.  The Dana 60 front axle is forward of the FJ40 Axle location making the total wheelbase right around 100". 

To calculate the link lengths and locations, I used the very handy 3-link calculator tool floating around pirate4x4.com.  Here is one of the links clamped to the welding table.
FJ40 3-link in jig

 For rod ends I went with Summing Machine Large Flex Joints.  These are just barely wide enough for the 2" X .25" wall links

Here are the passenger side lower and upper links.  The upper is adjustable at the axle and frame end.
 FJ40 Upper Lower 3-link 
Land Cruiser Upper 3-Link Mount

The upper 3-link mount bracket has four points of adjustment.

 The axle end 3-link mount has three points of adjustment.
 FJ40 Axle 3-link bracket 

 Another view of the upper 3-link mount.  Each of the four slots was sleeved through the frame for strength.

View along the passenger rail towards the rear.
Fj40 front 3-link
 FJ40 Dana 60 Panhard Bar 

Panhard using Barnes4wd.com axle bracket and Rod End. More on the steering here

Frame end of Panhard with Barnes4wd.com offset square 2 5/8 bracket.
 FJ40 Panhard Frame Bracket
 FJ40 Panhard Axle Bracket 

Axle end partially boxed in.


Axle end brackets fully welded.
 Dana 60 FJ40 Front Panhard 3 Link
 FJ40 Front Upper Link Weld 

Welds turned out pretty good!

Completed Panhard
 FJ40 3 Link Dana 60 Panhard