Rear Coilover Shock Hoops

The original leaf springs made for a bumpy ride, so, given the extent of the FJ40 rebuild, I figured I should upgrade to a four-link coilover suspension setup.  Most of the FJ40 Land Cruisers that have coilovers tend to be fully tubed chassis and are only two seater's.  I wanted to retain a rear seat of some kind and needed to devise some sort of covers that are only mildly obtrusive. 

Cut outs in wheel wells for shock hoops.


Made the covers out of 16 guage sheet, used a press break to break the edges.


Here's a view of both of them. I thought about making them rounded, but decided that the sharper angels went better with the tub.



And a little top cap. 


Next up are the rear fender flares. They're framed out of 1.5' X .120 DOM and skinned with 16 guage.


Heres a view of the flare from the front


 Here it is fully welded and ground down.