Tires and Wheels

Tires & Wheels
Nothing Like Jumping the Gun


I've been through a few combinations.  These came with the beast, the tires had no tread (except for the side lugs) and the wheels had several cracked lug holes.



I bought these when I needed new tires.  Being a poor college student, I couldn't afford 35X12.5X16 so I got 15X8 wheels and 35X12.5X15 BFG's.   By the way, 12.5" is a little wide for a 8" wheel.



I wanted Dana 60's, and since 8 lug versions are easy to find, thats what I ended up with.  Since the brakes are so big, there was no way 15'' wheels would fit, so I had to get 16's, that also saves the cost of converting all the hubs to 6 lub.  The combination I've got now is the 10" wide Helo Maxx 8 with 315X80 R16 ProComp Xterrains.  They look pretty sweet (in my opinion), hopefully the function pretty well too.