Tailgate Patch Panels

Real tailgates are expensive...Here's my solution!
Old FJ40

When I bought the FJ40, it had these custom tailgates.  It looked pretty neat, but it couldn't latch, and couldn't open without sandwiching the tail lights against the tub.

After pulling the carpet and custom tailgates, there was a ton of rust on the rear sill.  What didn't fall off, was easily removed with a cut-off disk.  Having never opened the tailgate in the two years I drove this as a daily driver, I decided to close it up permanently.
Removed Old Tailgates
New sheet metal and frame

 I wish I took better pictures but here's the first one I got.  The new panel was cut out of 14 gauge.  I used square tube to continue the factory top rail of the tube and another at the height of the wheel wells.

 Here's some of my bugger welds.
Landcruiser Tailgate frame
Partially Welded FJ40 Landcruiser tailgate panel

 Welded the new panel to the old.  I cut out a bit of rusty tub.

This one was patched just like the tire carrier panel.  
FJ40 Rust Patch
FJ40 Land Cruiser Tailgate Panel Almost Complete

 Here it is after grounding down the bugger welds.

After patching all the panels I trimmed up the bottom to be even in order to add a new "rear sill."
Beginning the FJ4-'s New Rear Sill
FJ40 Rear Sill

 The new sill consists of 2" square tube and 1/8 inch plate.

Another view of the 1/8 inch plate wrapping the corner.
FJ40 Corner Body Protection
Outside of FJ40 Tailgate

Here it is partially ground down.

Now that the outside of the tailgate is done, it's time to move onto the inside.
Inner FJ40 Tailgate panel


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