Diamond Plate Floor Pans

Lesson learned...thoroughly inspect before buying...

Large Rust Hole Beneath Driver's Feet

The driver's side floor panel had been patched up with a piece riveted in and covered with carpet.  After removing the patch panel we cut out the toolbox.

 Under the gas tank was this bit of rust.  The floor pan to rocker seam was toast.
Rust under FJ40 Gas Tank
All that is left of this FJ40's original front floor pans

Given that the floors were in such rough shape, we decided to start from scratch.  All that was left was the little bit above the drive shaft.  There are plenty of companies that make replacement panels, but they are expensive and at the time, I was a poor college student.

Another view from the driver's side.  There was very little left of the rockers/lower door jamb.  With this much floor gone there is a very good view of the frame and exhaust.
FJ40 Rusted Floor
FJ40 Diamond Plate Floorpan

I went to a local surplus store and picked up two pieces of diamond plate.  We cut it to length and set it in place to trace the transmission hump.

 After cutting around the transmission hump and placing the driver's side panel, here's what we have.
Completed FJ40 Diamond Plate Floor Pan
New Primary Body Mount

 The body mounts in the main body channel were completely rusted out, in fact, the only body mounts that were still in place were the two at the bottom of the cowl/firewall and the two beneath each of the front floor pans.

The new mounts are made of 1/4 inch angle iron.  They are tied together and to the body with another section of angle iron (that piece isn't shown in the picture).
Underside of FJ40 tub