Rocker Panel Replacement

FJ40 Driver's Side

 At some point in the past, I pulled off the aluminum steps to find gaping rust holes.  So I did what any genius Land Cruiser rebuilder would do...I cut off the rocker panels.

 After I put down the cut-off wheel, this what I got.
Passenger FJ40 Rocker Panel Removed
New panel welded in

Part of the new panel stitched into place.  I did a horrible job of taking pictures so they don't really tell the whole story.  I made a paper template of the piece, traced it onto 14 gauge, broke the bottom edge over with a mallet, test fit the piece.

 Here's how the passenger side turned out.
Completed Passenger Rocker Panel
Rocker Panel looking forward

 Passenger again looking from the rear forward.

 And here we have the driver's side.
Driver's Side Rocker