Tube Fenders

FJ40 Factory Front Fenders

The factory fenders fit the new frame fairly well.  Rather than bolting to the outside of the frame, they would bolt to the inside with some minor cutting and grinding of the primary support.  Unfortunately with the increase in the wheel base (the rear axle was pushed back and the the front axle was pushed forward), the front axle was nearly centered at the down turn of the front fenders.

Ideally I'd move the fenders forward, and keep the factory look.  Having already built rear tube fender flares, we decided to build front fenders with a tube frame.

The frame for the fenders was bent out of .120" wall, 1.50" ERW.
FJ40 Tube Fender Outer Frame
FJ40 Tube Fender Mock up

Basic mock up to check the angles of the bends

Magnets and masking tape make mock up much easier.
FJ40 Tube Fender Outer Frame
FJ40 Brush Guard Hoop  

The FJ40 tube fenders will tie into the front brush guard.

Both sides are bent and tacked.

FJ40 front tube fenders
FJ40 Front Tube Fenders

The new tube fenders will be almost 5 inches forward of the factory fenders.

With all the tubes bent, it's ready to move on to the skins.  We rough cut 16 gauge steel and gingerly shaped it over the curves and tacked it in place.
 FJ40 Tube Fender Skin
FJ40 Tube Fenders

With the sheet metal tacked in place, we moved on to trimming off the factory break on the cowl.

Having access to a stomp shear and break makes building patch panels much quicker.  The edge of the panel that attaches to the fender has a 90 degree break.  The edge that attaches to the upper factory fender skirt is broken over to match the factory cowl angle.
FJ40 Tube Fenders
FJ40 Tube Fenders 

The factory fender skirt was cut as shown and patched in with a large piece.  The small hole in the upper right corner was filled in with a small piece that was formed on a stomp operated shrinker/stretcher.

After several more hours of stitch welding and grinding here's what we're left with.
FJ40 Tube Fenders
FJ40 Front Tube Fenders 

View from the front. We'll finish off the wheel wells later

The back of the front tube fenders are tied into the frame with this ID tube clamps.
 FJ40 Tube Fender