Front Wheel Wells

The tube fenders look good on the outside but they don't do anything to keep road grime out of the engine bay.  Nothing some panel fab can't fix!
 FJ40 Wheel Well Panel Fab 

We started with a simple flat panel to fill in the shock hoop.

Started adding a couple of rolled beads both for appearance and strength.
 FJ40 Wheel Well Panels
 FJ40 Wheel Well 

After finishing the beads, we straightened the panel and broke up the rear section.

A view from inside the engine bay.
 FJ40 Wheel Well
 FJ40 Wheel Wells 

Since the tube fenders are part of the bumper hoop I decided to go ahead and close off the space between the tube and the front grill.

Now the hard part...the top of the shock hoops.

 FJ40 Wheel Wells
 FJ40 Wheel Well 

I started with a masking tape template between the hoop and the factory skirt.

After carefully peeling the tape off, we transferred the template to the sheet metal.
 FJ40 Wheel Well
 FJ40 Wheel Wells 

After welding and grinding we used Cleco's to temporarily hold it in place.

Complete fenders and inner wheel wells from the front.
 FJ40 Fender Wheel Wells
FJ40 Inner Fender Wheel Wells

A view of the passenger side.