Saginaw Power Steering

As with most FJ40 Land Cruisers, the factory steering had become quite loose.  With the large tires, power steering became a necessity.  There are several options when going to power steering, I didn't research them all, but landed on the Saginaw conversion due to price and availability of replacement parts.
FJ40 Saginaw Power Steering 

We Started with a piece of scrap steel to make a template of the gear box.  This is the 3 bolt box from an early Chevy truck.

The inner and outer brackets were made out of 1/4" Steel.  The inside of the frame was sleeved with DOM.
FJ40 Saginaw Power Steering
FJ40 Saginaw Power Steering 

For the pitman arm I originally planned to use a factory Jeep Waggoneer arm.  It fits the Chevy gearbox and the 3/4 ton Chevy or Dodge Tie Rod Ends but has too much drop for my setup.  I ended up going with a universal version.  It is splined to the gearbox but un-drilled on the tie rod side.

For the high steer arm I went with a Springless setup from 4WHEELSUPPLY on
(Yes It is temporarily on upside down)
 FJ40 Dana 60 High Steer Arm
 FJ40 Front Dana 60 Tie Rod Drag Link

I shortened the original tie rod and made a temporary PVC draglink

I used the measurements off of the temporary rods and had a new set of threaded DOM tie rod/drag link made up at  Behind the steering is the PVC panhard bar template.
FJ40 Dana 60 Tie Road Drag Link